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All of our MoneyPads have 25 sheets of REAL money. 
Our $1 bill MoneyPad is very popular, especially as a gift for kids. A Pad of $1 Bills$25 is a good amount to give to kids, and this way they have more trouble spending it all in one place.

These are great gifts to give at a bachelor party.  The groom can have his tipping money in one handy pack.  And girls love a man with a MoneyPad.

This pad of one dollar bills is only $39.99.  That includes shipping and handling and a coversheet that allows you to personalize the gift.  Order one today!

My personal favorite is the pad of $2 bills.  I often run into people who think a regular $2 A Pad of $2 Billsbill is fake, so when you rip one off a pad and hand it to them, they really can't believe it is genuine money. 

Here is an amusing story about a clueless clerk and a $2 bill. If you like pranks and tricks, this pad is for you.

In addition, $2 is a good amount to tip for many things.  Tearing one off the pad for the pizza guy is fun.  And I know my barber likes his tip better "from the pad" than from the change (that's no fun!)

A pad of two dollar bills only costs $75.99, including shipping and handling.  And all of our MoneyPads come with your choice of coversheet.  Order a $2 MoneyPad.


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