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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are these pads made from REAL money?

A.  Yes!  All of our MoneyPads are made with real, actual, genuine legal United States currency.  You can use them anywhere you would use cash.  Next time you need a tip for a valet, a bartender, or at a club, rip one from your MoneyPad!  It makes tipping fun.

Q.  How long does it take to ship my order?

A.  All orders are shipped out within 24 hours via UPS ground.

Q.  Can I use overnight or other faster shipping method?

A.  Yes, email, and we will promptly reply with details.

Q.  Can I order custom money pads with specific denominations?  Like with $5 dollar bills.  Or half $1 and half $2.  Or a pad of 40 $1, etc.

A.  Yes!  Just send email with your requests to and we will give you a quote.  Most custom orders are filled within 24 hours.

Q.  Can I order uncut sheets of money?

A.  No, we do not sell uncut sheets of money.  You can order those directly from The United States Treasury Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  Those are fun (I have a 32 $2 bill one myself!), but they are not the same as a MoneyPad. Buy a MoneyPad for money you want the recipient to SPEND.

Q.  What is your privacy policy?

A.  Your privacy is a very important matter to us.  We will only use the personal information you provide to complete your order, then it is purged.  We will not store or sell your personal information for any purpose.  We do not store any of your personal information on our website.

Q.  Why do you use PayPal?

A.  We use PayPal to protect your privacy.  Any personal information is entered on PayPal's secure server.  Using PayPal, you do not even reveal your credit card, or checking account information to us.  PayPal makes it easy and economical for us to accept credit cards and checks.  Using PayPal also protects us both from fraud.  If you are not already a PayPal member, you should signup.  It is free, and you may even receive $5 for joining.

Q.  Do you Ship UPS?

A.  Yes! We ship all of our MoneyPads via United Parcel Service

Q.  Do you Ship to PO Boxes?

A.  No, we don't ship to PO Boxes.  We only use UPS, which won't ship to PO Boxes.  The United States Post Office will only insure currency up to $15.00.

Q.  I am going to a wedding/bar mitzvah/graduation and would like a money pad with $500/$2500/etc from $20/100 dollar bills Can you do that?

A.  Yes!  We can make large denomination pads.  This is a really fun way to give a large amount of money.  It is more impressive than a single check. Large orders may require special payment arrangements.  email with your requests, and we will promptly respond with a quote.

Q.  Is this legal to do to money?

A.  Yes!  It is only against the law to modify currency "with intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued" (text of law) These MoneyPads in no way make the money unfit for spending.  Every sheet is a spendable bill.  In fact, we encourage you to spend them all -- so you can buy more!

Q.  Will you print a custom cover if I send you a .jpg file?

A.  Sure!  For a $5.00 additional charge we can print a custom cover sheet.  Email for details.


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